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Started as a small unit in 2016, we have evolved into a Fully Integrated and professionally managed Corrugated Box Manufacturers.We are known in market for our Quality, Timely Delivery & Customized Solutions at the Best Prices. We manufacture Export Quality Corrugated Boxes, Heavy Duty Printed Boxes, Corrugated Boxes for Fruits & Vegetables Exports, Corrugated Sheets & Corrugated Rolls.  We have expanded our base over the years and in Jaipur, Rajasthan we have started a new plant with semi automatic machines, further we installed Fully Automatic Machines for printing and slotting to cater our clients with the best quality product. We are providing services to our valuable clients across India in several industries such as Textiles, FMCG manufacturers, Food and Beverages industry , Notebooks ,Pharmaceuticals, Garments exporters and more, we offer a wide range of packing boxes .

A positive and happy work environment at Universal Industries provides the basis for a pleasant transaction with our customers. We are passionate about what we do and it shows in our relationships with our customers. From the smallest order to large volume carton runs, we commit to First Class Friendly service all the way. We pride ourselves on knowing that we constantly provide excellent service and the highest quality boxes. Our deep commitment to this philosophy has not only earned us great respect from our customers, but from our competitors as well. We are committed to a continuous quality improvement philosophy to ensure the long-term viability and success of our Company. At Universal Industries respect for the individual is one of our core values. We value our people and recognize them as the foundation of our Company. We employ excellent quality control procedures on our products involving raw material (Paper) to finished cartons and boxes combined with timely deliveries. We continue to build our business providing the highest level of service putting the


At Universal Industries we are active in reducing the environmental impact of card board packaging. Wherever possible we use recycled Indian corrugated cardboard in our manufacturing process. We also ensure that we use recycled Indian paper that has the highest content of recycled fibre in the make up of our corrugated board. Furthermore, through clever designs we produce less waste encourage ease of disassembly for recycling and ongoing re-use. The scraps and by products of our card board box manufacturing processes are recycled and in compliance with all Indian Government Laws.

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We at Universal Industries are focusing on


To consistently develop the new product as required by the customer by giving them the best quality. To maintain the quality of our finished goods we are using 100% High Quality waste paper. We have focused on our Raw Material Procurement so as to procure good quality of material on a consistent basis without any interruption.


With a wide range of products and competitive pricing, we had secured our presence at pan India through a dealer or on a direct basis. Our material is supplied to all over India from North to South and East to West. We are sure to achieve the target as our product is having world class quality with very competitive pricing.


We at Universal Industries are putting our efforts so that we can provide the best quality of material at a competitive price. We have also bought innovation in our manufacturing process to minimize the conversion cost and be cost effective. We have engaged the best personnel in our manufacturing process who are having vast experience in the field. We have Appointed , Specialied , Personal in day to day operation so as to keep the check on quality and conversion cost.


By staying focused on quality, creativity, and new development, the group envisions establish itself as the No.1 Boxes , Manufacturing company of India with best quality products that can be used in multiple industries. As part of a way to fulfill our vision, we are focusing on the development of new products by setting up a new line of product in future Year.


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